Official Exhibitions

Individual exhibitiones, collective and projections, which will be presented in museums and art spaces throughout Argentina

The Selection Board of the XX Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz 2018 has chosen the work of the following authors.
Their works will be part of Solo, Group and Projection shows, which will be presented in museums and art spaces throughout Argentina.
The Festival will inform through this site the new selections of the Board and will contact the artists.

Full list of exhibitions HERE

Abraham Votroba
Adeline Thibaud
Adrian Rocha Novoa
Alan Humerose
Alberto Goldenstein
Alejandro Gulminelli
Alejandro Almaraz
Aleksandr Rodchenko (Rusia) Alicia Vignatti
Alix Born
Ana Casal
Ana Robati
Andrea Alkalay
Andrea Guedella
Andres Dominguez
Andres Marcolla
Andres Wertheim
Daniel Minsky
Ariel Galli
Ariel Gomez
Arturo Aguiar
Ataulfo Perez Aznar
Bertrand Carriere (Canadá)
Caio Goldin
Camila Bolatti
Carlos Caro
Carlos Gulisano
Cesar Giaginto
Cesar Ruiz
Chun Wai
Clovis Dariano
Daesung LEE(Corea)
Daniel Minsky
Daniel Muchiut
Daria Addabbo (Italia)
Dario Podestá
Diana Velazco
Diego di Niglio
Diego Rusticucci
Dolores Guiraldes
Edu Simoes
Esteban Pastorino
Estefania Colson
Fabiana Schultz
Federico Levato
Federico Ruiz Santesteban (Uruguay)
Fie Tanderup (Dinamarca)
Francisco Pichetti
Francisco Santos
Frank Rodick (Canadá)
G Barreto
Gerardo Schachner
Gonzalo Gutierrez
Graciela Villanueva
Guadalupe Basagoitia
Gabriela Di Bella - Guilherme Christ (Brasil)
Gulminelli - Andres Wertheim
Heath McKenny
Helena Rios (Brasil)
Horacio Villalobos
Ilana Bar (Brasil)
Ines Tanoira
Ioana Menendez
Ivan Olea
Jamey Stilling (EEUU)
Jan Van Leween (Holanda)
Jazmine Rossi
Jinhyun Cha
José Nuno
Julia Pontes
Julie Weisz
Julieta Mastogiovanni
Kaoru Diaz
Lara Gihnson
Laura Antonelli
Laura San Martin
Leandro Rodriguez
Leonard Peczan
Lola Caffieri
Magdalena Osinami
Manuel Archai
Marcelo Guastella
Marcelo Gurruchaga
Marco Bufano
Maria Claudia Nieves
Maria de la Paz Gutierrez
Maria Laura Bocchi
Maria Pilar Gianbastiani
Maria Zorzon
Marisa Kohen
Marisa Stralczenia
Marisa Volpino
Maru Tombaco
Mateus Sa
Nazareno Russo
Nicolas Henry
Oskar Molek
Pablo Cura
Pablo Lozano
Pablo Renny
Patricia Ackerman
Patricia Guinar
Pedro Kuperman
Proy Groisman
Rafael Navarro (España)
Roberto Fernandez ibañez
Roberto Hurtado (Brasil) Romina Ressia
Sam Harris (Inglaterra)
Santiago Echaniz
Sebastian Izquierdo
Silvina Arrastia
Silvina Caserta
Silvina Sazunic
Stefanie Wolff
Valentina Funes
Veronica Roig
Victoria Harriague
Viktoria Sorochinsky (Ucrania)
Virginia Robles
Vivian Olmi (Suiza)

Full list of exhibitions HERE

XX Encuentros Abiertos - Festival de la Luz 2018 “To Life”

To Life is a toast that celebrates being alive.
It’s a celebration that honors existence as something precious, the expression of which is too often forgotten in our everyday lives.

It’s the hope for a better world.
We can honor life in so many different ways.
We create a better life when we take care of ourselves and others, when we value and defend our relationships and honest communication, when we cherish and protect our families and friends.

We also celebrate life when we plan for a better future, when we defend our rights and the rights of others, when we reject injustice, when we dare to pursue our dreams, and when we apply ourselves to study and training in order to achieve our goals.

To create achievements that make life better requires energy, effort, and talent. This is where science unfolds, where education flourishes. This is where our consciousness grows, our awareness of the issues that concern us all: love, family, home, friends, pollution, climate change, health, hunger, peace, diversity, resources, festivities, travel, memories, and celebrations, among so many others.

More than any other art form, photography can express what we are doing today to build a better life for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and for everyone else that inhabits this planet.

Elda Harrington - Silvia Mangialardi