It´s a meeting between photographers and a group of international personalities: museum directors, gallerists, curators, art collectors and publishers.
It will be held at the Salón Dorado of La Alianza Francesa (Córdoba 946) from August 8th to 12th, 2016.
It is a 20 minutes personal interview where the artist shows his work to the chosen reviewer. This gives them not only the opportunity to spread their works, but also to receive a feedback.


- FotoFest Prize : a scolarship for FotoFest Meeting Place, Houston 2018
- An exhibition at Encuentros Abiertos – Festival de la Luz 2018
- A scolarship for the National Portfolio´s Forum, Interfestival 2017
- A scolarship for the FestFotoPOA 2017, portfolio´s review.
- A portfolio made by Fine Art Cuisine

All the reviewers vote the winners of the Portfolio´s Forum.

Yo can apply to portfolios@encuentrosabiertos.com.ar , choosing the reviewers.
The application will be confirmed once the payment is received.
The sittings will be settled by application order.
When a reviewer has no more turns, you will be offered someone who still has an open spot.

10 reviews ... $3800(ARS)
5 reviews... $2900(ARS)
1 extra review after the first 10 ... $450 (ARS)

The payment can be made by deposit or Bank wire to:
Banco Galicia Cta Cte en Pesos 6373-9 026-1
CUIT: 30-70202308-0
CBU: 0070026920000006373913

Photographers that do not live in Argentina:
Ask for payments options
10 reviews U$S 250 or 1100 reales
5 reviews $S 190 o 820 reales
1 extra review after the 10th U$S 30 o 130 reales

About the application
How to apply?
You can apply to portfolios@encuentrosabiertos.com.ar , saying which 10 or 5 reviewers you choose to show your portfolio.The application will be confirmed against receipt of payment .

Is there a preselection process?
No. The application is open to all photographers and students. There is a maximum capacity that will be filled by application order.

Do the application has a deadline?
Yes, it is July 20th.

Is more information needed?
You only have to send your contact information, reviewers chosen and payment receipt.

How is the schedule for the interviews chosen?
The schedule is organized by the reviewers availability and by application order, considering the personal requirements of each attendee.

About the Portfolio´s presentation
How long are the interviews?
The interviews are personal and individual, they last 20 minutes.

How many photos can I submit?
About 20 and 30, please no more than 40!

Can I submit more than one project?
Yes, but we sujest you to tell the reviwer that you have two before your presentation for better use of the time.

In which size should I present the photographs?
What ever size you prefer, we recommend not bigger than 50x60 cm.

Do the photos have to be from the same series?
It’s better if you can show a complete work.

Can I present a digital portfolio?
It can be digital, in that case you have to bring your own device.



Independent Curator

Alasdair Foster has 20 years’ experience heading national arts institutions in Europe and Australia and over 35 years of working in the public cultural sector. He was the founding director of Fotofeis, the award-winning international biennale of photo-based art in Scotland (1991–1997) and, more recently, director of the Australian Centre for Photography (1998–2011). He has held many previous positions including President of the Contemporary Art Organisations of Australia, editor of Photofile magazine and Chair of the Conference for European Photographers. An award- winning curator, he has organised several hundred exhibitions for some of the world’s top institutions including Photographers’ Gallery, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona; Museum of Photography, Seoul; Singapore Art Museum; National Gallery of Thailand and Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei. He lives and works Sydney developing intercultural visual art projects globally.
Alasdair is interested in seeing work by emerging or established photographers and photo-artists that has something authentic to communicate. He is not interested in commercial or advertising work and has limited interest in straight photojournalism.
Alasdair Foster curates exhibitions all over the world involving photographers and photo-artists from many countries across all continents from emerging through to established. Recent and forthcoming projects include Canada, China, Guatemala, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam. He also writes from various international magazines and recommends work to other curators in his network.


Editor at European Photography Magazine and Edition Flusser

Andreas Müller-Pohle is a Berlin-based media artist and the editor and publisher of European Photography, an independent international art magazine for contemporary photography founded in 1980, as well as the Edition Flusser, which includes the seminal Philosophy of Photography by media philosopher Vilém Flusser. He is the author of numerous texts on photo theory and has been a visiting professor and lecturer at, among others, the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, and Hong Kong Design Institute. Müller-Pohle’s most recent projects are Hong Kong Waters and, still in progress, Studies on Traffic.
Andreas is interested in all types of works dealing with our contemporary condition in a fresh and innovative way, regardless of theme, subject or style.
He can be supportive of photographers in various respects. As an artist and editor, he can offer conceptual and practical advice as well as publication opportunities in his magazine, in print and online. As a juror and nominator for numerous competitions and awards, such as the Prix Pictet, he can support or submit specific photo and media projects. Finally, as main partner of the International Photobook Festival in Kassel, Germany, he can be helpful in reviewing publication projects and book dummies.

Director at FestFotoPOA – International Festival of Photography from Porto Alegre.

Documentary photographer and cultural producer, he was born in Rio de Janeiro and is the general director of FestFotoPOA – International Photography Festival of Porto Alegre. Vice-president of the Network of Cultural Producers of Photography in Brazil. Member of the CNIC – National Commission for the Promotion of the Culture in Brazil since 2013. Founder and publisher of the digital magazine OF Magazine. He has participated as a portfolio reviewer at international photography festivals such as Encuentros Abiertos (Argentina), Marco in Montevideo (Uruguay), Parati en Foco (Brazil), Photovisa Krasnodar in Russia as well as the Houston FotoFest edition in 2012. Founder and director of Brasil Image), in charge of the production and development of FestFotoPOA among others exhibitions in Brazil.
He’s not interested in commercial or advertising works. Everything else he wishes to review.
He can support the work of the photographers he reviews with an invitation to join the FestFoto Porto Alegre 2017 edition.

CHUN WAI (China)
Independent curator

Chun Wai based in Hong Kong. He is an independent curator, artist and the course coordinator and lecturer of the Postgraduate Diploma in Photography in the Hong Kong University.
He is the curator of the 2nd Beijing Photo Biennial of the Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Moreover, he curated various thematic exhibitions in the Hong Kong International Photo Festival, Lian Zhou International Photo Festival and Dali International Photo Festival. The exhibitions he curated had won numerous curatorial awards. He is the International Advisor of the Festival De La Luz of Buenos Aires Argentina and the Member of the Academic Committee of the Dali International Photo Festival. He was the invited academic expert and panel of jury of the Li Shui International Photo Festival 2015.

Co-founder and Director of La Fototeca and the International Festival of GuatePhoto.

Cofounder and director of La Fototeca and the International Festival of GuatePhoto, Clara has been an important part in the promotion of the contemporary photography movement in Guatemala and the nearby regions, involving herself in creation, management, curatorship and teaching of photography. Clara has conceived curatorship projects such as exhibitions at the Photoville and Dumbo Arts Festivals in New York, Pinyao International Photo Festival in China, Fototropía and the GuatePhoto Festival, and she has also been the editorial director of PRISMA and NUEVA GENERACIÓN. As a jury and portfolio reviewer she has participated in the FotoVisura Grant, the Pictet Prize, New IrishWorks, Photolucida, Trasatlántica and FotoFest.
Clara is interested in artistic practices through image. Art, not photojournalism.
Clara can promote photographer’s work in Guatephoto online platform. She can exhibit expositions at the GuatePhoto Festival and others in Guatemala. She can organize Workshops in the schools or other collaborations.

Comparte mesa con JJ Estrada (Guatemala)

Director at International Festival PhotoVisa, Krasnodar.

In 2003-2007 he was the Deputy Director in Photographic Projects at Moscow Museum of Modern Art. He has curated more than 200 exhibitions in Russia. He has also curated exhibitions in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and USA.
Berezner is a member of ORACLE, an international organization of curators and photographic experts. He is also a member of the International Board of Advisers of the Central European House of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 1995-1997 he was the international adviser from Russia for FotoFeis International Festival of Photography in Scotland. Berezner has been co-editor of the International Magazine on Photography IMAGO since 1996. His articles have been published in Aperture (USA), ArtChronika (Russia), European Photography (Germany), FotoMagazine (Russia), IMAGO (Slovakia). He has been delivered lectures in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia. Berezner was a jury member of the International Competition on Photo Editions in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 2000, 2002, 2004; chairman of jury in 2006, 2008.
Evgeny Berezner is interested in all shapes of photography and visual arts, looking for possible future exhibitions and publications in Russia.

Comparte mesa con Irina Chmyreva (Rusia)

Coordinator of Photography of the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (CNCA)

Photographer and cultural manager. Since 2011 he is Coordinator of the Photography Area of the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (CNCA). In this context, he has developed several exhibitions and coaching projects with a national and international character in which he emphasise the creation and set in motion of the Ciclo de Talleres Nacionales de Fotografía, a training initiative that was developed between 2012 and 2015 in all the regions of Chile. He has also participated in residency programs, portfolio reviews and lectures at the Festival Internacional de Fotografía en Valparaíso since 2011 to nowadays.
He has coordinated “Poéticas del Borde”, a series of exhibitions held at Madrid and Mexico between 2012 and 2014, thanks to projects financed by the CNCA between 2004 and 2013. He studied Photography at the School Cine Chile as well as with the artist Eugenio Dittborn. He then studied an International Master of Photography at EFTI (Madrid) in the itinerary Concepto y Creación, where he received the price “Premio Futuro Al Betrayal”, awarded to the artist with the most projection.
He prefers fictional works since they describe more about the photographer rather than the place the photograph refers to.
He can guide photographers in the development of their works, in terms of where to stand according to their interests. Also on how to get to the different exhibition circuits and specially, in terms of management and placing in the international scene.

FRAZIER KING (Estados Unidos)
Curator and collector. Member of HCP (Houston Center for Photography)

Mr. King has been on the HCP Board for ten years and was Chair of the Exhibitions Committee from 2008 until September 2012. Mr. King continues to serve on the Exhibitions Committee and participates in the Exhibitions Committee process of selecting exhibitions. Mr. King has also provided curatorial input and most recently served as curator for HCP’s 2010 show entitled Created and Found Maps. As a collector, Mr. King exhibited his collection in the second FotoFest Collector’s Eye Exhibition shown in FotoFest headquarters from October through December 2012.  In addition, Mr. King is a widely-shown photographer and has participated in FotoFest and other international reviews since the 1980s.
In general, Mr. King is interested in all kinds of work but the primary focus is on current trends or themes and developments in new approaches and processes. He is not interested in viewing commercial work. 
As a portfolio reviewer, Mr. King is able to offer participants guidance regarding professional development and various opportunities to show work, to discuss the work in particular, and to provide insights into the programs and interests of HCP.

FRED BALDWIN (Estados Unidos) 
Co-founder of FotoFest.

Fred Baldwin is co-founder of FotoFest, an art and educational event that has been active since 1986. He is an international freelance photojournalist, documentary photographer and teacher. He is interested in reviewing all types of photography from documentary to conceptual.
Fred is not interested in reviewing commercial, portrait or wedding photography. He can offer photographers the benefits accrued from 26 years experience of looking for work for FotoFest and working internationally

Comparte mesa con Wendy Watriss (Estados Unidos)

Art-director PHOTOVISA

Irina Chmyreva is currently senior researcher of photography in the Department of Russian Art in the State Research Institute of Art History of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. Previously, she worked as head researcher of the Photography and Multi-Media Department at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), which is actively building the contemporary photography collection.
She has organized several exhibitions of Russian old and contemporary photography for MMOMA as well as other institutions. She was co-curator with Evgeny Berezner of the show Russian Pictorial Photography 1890-1990 for FotoFest 2002 and for a number of Russian exhibitions for other editions of FotoFest in Houston. She frequently attends portfolio reviews at different international and local photo-events.
Dr. Chmyreva is assistant professor (docent) at the Department of Art Book Design at Moscow State University of Printing Arts. She is co-founder of Russian web-server on photography www.Photographer.ru (1999), member of international editorial boards of the magazines "European Photography", "Fotografia Kwartalnik", she has written texts for several books and albums on Russian and foreign photography.
She was guest editor of "OjoDePez" magazine, the Russian issue (#11). She was co-founder and art-director of 1st edition of PANDUS contemporary art festival in Moscow (2007) and art-director of International festival of photography PhotoVisa in Krasnodar, Russia www.photovisa.ru (2008).
Dr. Chmyreva is most interested in seeing work that explores the relationship of photography to other media as well as contemporary fine art photography. However, Dr. Chmyreva is not interested in reviewing commercial work intended for stock or advertising. Aside from offering criticism and critique of the photography itself, Dr. Chmyreva can also provide advice and direction in terms of promoting projects. In exceptional cases, she is able to offer opportunities to artists in group exhibitions, projects and publications in Russia.

Comparte mesa con Evgeny Berezner (Rusia)

Director of Centro de la Imagen of Mexico

She studied Philosophy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She was the director of the Siqueiros Hall of Public Art (2001-2007) and the director of the Carrillo Gil Art Museum (2007-2011). She developed a training project for emergent art sponsored by the BBVA Bancomer Foundation (2009-2011). She curated“El futuromásacá”, the first mexican science fiction film festival (2003-2007). In 2013 she curatedthe Mexican Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennial. Her essays have been published in prestigious magazines and catalogues.
Ítala is willing to receive a great variety of proposals. She is specially interested in authorial work, the boundaries with contemporary art and conceptual practices, as well as photo documentation and projects with social inference and critical capacity. She is less interested in commercial work, nature photographyin National Geographic style, not because she doesn’t value that skill, but because she has little to contribute.
Her way of approaching the work of artists is reflexive, she share ideas, authors, and she reviews the conceptual scope as well as the clarity of the narrative, dramatic or experimental work proposal. Little does she know about techniques, equipment and analogical or digital processes, but she is very much interested on learning about it. Regarding the commercial value of the works and their luck in the art market, she doesn’t have much to contribute. However, these viewings are essentials as she is determined to leave with interesting proposals that may eventually enrich the programming and activities of the Image Center.

JENS FRIIS (Dinamarca)
Editor de la Revista Katalog

Jens Friis es licenciado en historia del arte con un interés singular en la fotografía. Previamente, fue un miembro activo en Gallery Image en Aarhus y por varios años trabajó en una galería en Londres. Además colaboró en el libro Dansk Fotografihistorie (Historia fotográfica danesa) publicado en 2004. Desde 2003 ha sido jefe de edición de Katalog (revista de fotografía y video). Asimismo ha sido curador de exposiciones, así como co-director artístico del festival Foto Triennale.dk iniciado en 2000. Su experiencia como revisor de portfolios se basa en haber participado de numerosas revisiones, tales como las de Houston, Berlín, Bratislava, Kassel, París, Moscú y el concurso Critical Mass a través de Internet. También forma parte de varios comités internacionales de nominación para premios, así como del comité asesor de la revista española EXIT.
Jens Friis está interesado en todo tipo de fotografías y medios visuales artísticos, sin embargo, no tiene interés en fotografía de modas, viajes, ilustración o de stock. Jens dará su punto de vista sobre tu trabajo y puede aconsejarte sobre cómo desarrollarte como artista. Puede facilitar la publicación en la revista Katalog o exponer en Brandts.

JJ ESTRADA T. (Guatemala)
Co-founder and Director of La Fototeca.

He is the cofounder and director of La Fototeca, alongside Clara de Tezanos they have been an important part in the promotion of contemporary photography in Latin America. His first approach to photography was in Barcelona in 2005. He has participated in many collective and individual exhibitions including some at the GrisArt Gallery in Barcelona, the New York Photo Festival, the Museo de Arte Moderno Carlos Merida, the Fototropía Gallery and at the Ana Lucía Gómez Gallery in Guatemala. Curator and jury in several contests of photography at both national and international levels. He’s interested in artistic practices through image. Art.
Artistic documentary photography. Not photojournalism.
He can help photographers by promoting their work in his online platform as well as exhibitions at the GuatePhoto Festival and others in Guatemala. Also workshops or other collaborations.

Comparte mesa con Clara de Tezanos (Guatemala)

Independent curator

Curator and artistic director Laura Serani regularly collaborates with institutions and festivals in Europe and elsewhere. Déléguée artistique for the 2014 and 2008 editions of the Mois de la Photo in Paris, Art director of the two latest Rencontres de Bamako, African biennial of photography, held in Mali in 2009 and 2011, Curator for Fotografia Europea – Reggio Emilia, since 2007, previously she was in charge of the Fnac Collection and of the Fnac Galleries (in Europe, Brésil and Taiwan).
Author of several books and texts.
Président of the Prix Résidence pour la Photographie de la Fondation Les Treilles en France et membre de différents jurys (Prix Niépce, Fotograficasa, World Press, New York Photo Awards). Laura Serani lives between Paris and Italy.
She is interested in any kind of works, photo or video, with personal and original writing.

Independent curator. Educator

Paul Seawright is an internationally successful photographer and MOMA, The Irish Museum of Modern Art and ICP New York. He has published 7 monographs (Hidden (2002) in Martin Parr Photobook History vol II) He is Head of the Belfast School of Art in Northern Ireland and founding chair of the Belfast Photography Festival. He advises the Arts Council of Northern Ireland on their collection acquisitions and is on the art collection/commissioning advisory board of the Imperial War Museum, London.

Independent curator. Editor of Photo Dot magazine, Corea. Educator

Seok Jae-hyun  was born in Daegu, Korea, where he built part of his career. He completed his graduate studies at Ohio University majoring Visual Communication in the United States. His career can be summarized as a photographer, professor and curator. His experience from working as a freelancer photographer—for New York Times, International Herald Tribune and Korean GEO—in the past has brought him where he is now.
Seok has organized a major Korean photo festival named Daegu Photo Biennale in 2006 with others.
Moreover, he has curated many international exhibitions including Imaging Asia in Documents with 33 photographers from around the world for the very first Daegu Photo Biennale. In addition, he did Women in War (Daegu Photo Biennale, 2014), Dream and Reality (DIPE, Dali, China, 2011, 2013 & 2015), ON KOREA(Istanbul, Turkey, 2013), Blooming Silk Road (Seoul, Korea, 2014) and Eye of Istanbul _ Ara Guler (Seoul Photography Museum, 2015), Imaging KOREA(Touring exhibition in 6 counties in Europe, 2016-2017). With his works in China, he received the Best Curator Award from DIPE, in China, 2015.
Seok has also continued to do independent work. After profiling 30 other established photographers from other countries on VON photography magazine recently, he is now working as an associate editor for Photo Dot magazine in Korea. And at the same time, he is teaching Photography at Daegu Mirae College in Korea as an associate professor and also working as a director of Korea Photography Content Institute which was established in 2014.

STEVEN EVANS (Estados Unidos)
Director of FotoFest, Houston

Steven Evans studied photography at the Atlanta College of Art (B.F.A. 1987) and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (M.F.A. 1989). From 1990, he worked at Dia Art Foundation in New York, where he helped artists such as Douglas Gordon and Vera Lutter create large-scale exhibitions. In 2000, he began work on the Dia:Beacon museum in upstate New York, and he was the museum’s managing director until 2010. From 2010, Evans worked in philanthropy, planning, and programming as director of the Linda Pace Foundation in San Antonio. In 2014, he was appointed FotoFest executive director, and in 2015 he organized the FotoFest inter-biennial exhibitions I Am A Camera and Collector’s Eye: The Maloney Collection in Houston.
With Wendy Watriss, he co-curated the FotoFest inter-biennial exhibition International Discoveries V. In the past year, he has represented FotoFest at photography events and festivals in China, France, Russia, and Korea.
He is interested in seeing a broad range of work, from documentary and journalistic approaches to contemporary art and conceptual approaches. He ask that the works be cohesive and that the photographer is able to tell him what the work is about and why it is important to them to make this work.
He is a curator of exhibitions, as well as author and editor of publications for FotoFest. He also make recommendations to other curators at times.

WENDY WATRISS (Estados Unidos)
Co-Founder and Senior Curator of FotoFest International

Wendy Watriss is the Senior Curator, Artistic Director and Co-founder of FotoFest®. She has served as FotoFest Artistic Director since 1991, developing over 120 international and U.S. exhibits for FotoFest since 1990. FotoFest created and sponsors the first and longest-running international Biennial in the U.S. for photography and photo-related art.
Ms. Watriss is responsible for the curating and selection of FotoFest exhibitions, Biennial and inter-Biennial, and she has been an invited curator for other international photography Biennials. From her work as a portfolio reviewer around the world, she selects artists to be exhibited in FotoFest’s International Discoveries series that FotoFest presents between its Biennials. The next such exhibit is November-December 2013.
She is interested in all photographic genres. She is interested in seeing work that successfully implements a well developed artistic or creative idea, documentary, conceptual, or multi-disciplinary.

Comparte mesa con Fred Baldwin (Estados Unidos)

Director of the MNBA - Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires

Andrés Duprat is an architect, an art curator and a film writer.
He was the Director of the Museo de Bellas Artes of Bahía Blanca from 1991 to 2002 and the Director of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo since its creation.
Between 2002 and 2004 he ran the cultural area and the Contemporary Art Centre Espacio Fundación Telefónica in the city of Buenos Aires.
From 2005 to 2015 he performed as the Director of Visual Arts of the Argentinean National Ministry of Culture.
Actually he is the Director of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.
As an art curator he produced more than a hundred exhibitions in museums and art centres in Argentina, France, Cuba, United States, Chile, Mexico and Russia among others.
He has also written the screenplays for the feature films El artista, El hombre de al lado, Querida voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo, Living stars and El ciudadano ilustre directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat and Civilización, a documentary about León Ferrari, with which he has gained international recognition.

Curator. Educator

In 1980 he founded this first specialized photo gallery in the country, “OMEGA”, from where he has developed an ongoing and intense activity of photographic dissemination. This activity has channelized through teaching at “OMEGA” since 1981, as well as in lectures and conferences in different places across the country and abroad.He has also taught courses at the University of La Plata.
Since 1980 he organises and edits individual and collective photographic exhibitions at OMEGA Photo Gallery and in various cities around the country and abroad.
Around his work of dissemination, he has been a member of several editor committees of photographic exhibitions. Among other photographers he was cofounded of the NAF – Nucleo de Autores Fotograficos.
In 1991 he created the Centro de Fotografía Contemporanea–CFC–from the existing OMEGA Photo Gallery. The centre consists in exhibition halls, itinerant collections, a specialized library, glass plaques and vintage cameras collections, among other things. At the CFC he created a data bank for Latin American Photography.
In 1996 he created and directed the Photo Gallery of the Dardo Rocha Passage located at 7 and 49 streets in the city of La Plata.
His personal work has been displayed since 1979 in Argentina and abroad.

Coordination and Curatorship, Plastic Arts Area at El Cultural San Martin.

Bachelor in Expertise and Valuation of Works of Art, Universidad Del Museo Social– UMSA.
Counselling and curatorship for Art Fairs: Expotrastiendas Buenos Aires and MIA Art Fair in Miami; ArteAmericas in Miami; ArtSanDiego at San Diego, California; A merge ArtFair in Washington DC; Affordable New York and ArtExpo New York.
She acts as Jury at Plastic Arts and Photography Salons.
She is Curator and expert for Acuarelle Contemporary Art Buenos Aires.

Director of MAC Salta

Architect and plastic artist. Postgraduate in Real State Enterprises. Urbanism and Sustainable Development specialist. Professor since 1998 to nowadays at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Catholic University of Salta in the subjects of Architectonic Design, Urban Planning and Development and Plastic Composition.
In public management she currently serves as General Director of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Provincia de Salta. She has also served as: General Director of Urban and Environmental Planning of the City hall of Salta, General Director of Special Urban Projects of the City Hall of Salta; Director of the Committee of Municipal Work in charge of Coordination, control and management of the Project and Construction of the Municipal Civic Centre of Salta; Technical Advisor at the Planning and Urban Development Secretary of the City Hall of Salta; Professional Advisor to the Chief Cabinet of the City Hall of Salta.
Selected as artist in numerous salons of the province of Salta.

Subdirector del CCM Haroldo Conti - Director de Artes Visuales

ExDirector de la carrera Diseño de Imagen y Sonido - FADU/UBA
Profesor Titular de la materia Diseño Audiovisual de la carrera Diseño de Imagen y Sonido - FADU/UBA
Profesor Titular de la materia Medios Expresivos de la carrera Diseño Gráfico - FADU/UBA
Subdirector del CCM Haroldo Conti - Director de Artes Visuales
Creador de la orientación Medios de Comunicación - Escuela ORT
Profesor invitado de la Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV - EICTV - Cuba

Artistic Director of the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Art Collection.

Trained in the Prilidiano Pueyrredón Nation School of Fair Arts, current UNA (National University of Arts) as a National Professor of Painting, he completed his studied at other institutions. He served as a teacher from 1999 at the UCES Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales (Business and Social Sciences University) in the subjects of History of Culture and Contemporary Art History. At the UNA he’s been teachingthe subjectsPaint Proyectual under the Soibelman professorship, and Visual Language under the Castex Professorship. He works at the Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat Art Collections since early 2007. Since late 2012 he serves as its Artistic Director, organizing and producing the temporary exhibitions that were to start in 2013 such as Aizemberg, transcendence/descendants (Aizenberg, trascendencia/descendencia), Bernie and Argentinian representations at the Venice Biennial (Berni y las representaciones argentinas en la Bienal de Venecia), Luis Fernando Benedit, Luis Felipe Noé. XXI Century, among others.


JUAN TRAVNIK (Argentina)
Director de la FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín

Es fotógrafo, docente y curador. Director de la FotoGalería del Teatro San Martín y del EspacioFotográfico del Teatro de la Ribera, integrante del comité organizador de los Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz, es también curador independiente y ha participado en numerosos festivales y coloquios internacionales. Desde 1970 ha expuesto en numerosos países de todo el mundo. Sus obras se encuentran en diferentes colecciones, como por ejemplo: Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA. Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Francia. Musée de la Photographie à Charleroi, Bélgica. Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Dinamarca. Principales publicaciones personales: Malvinas. Retratos y paisajes de guerra. Fotografías de Juan Travnik. Ediciones Lariviére. Argentina, 2008. los restos. Juan Travnik. Colección fotógrafos argentinos, Buenos Aires, 2006. Juan Travnik. Universidad de Salamanca, 1997. Entre otros numerosos premios, en 2006 recibió la Beca J. S. Guggenheim Foundation.

Director of the Architecture and Design Museum of Central Society of Architects – MARQ-SCA.

Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires, in the degrees of Architecture and Industrial Design, as well as in the post degree Strategic Management of Design-GED. He was Secretary of College Extension of the UBA and Director of the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Centre between 1990 and 2000.


Gallerist and independent curator

She is a College professor, cultural and art producer.
Since the 1990s she has creates three art gallery in Buenos Aires. Currently she directs Arcimboldo.
She’s a member of the Luz Austral Foundation.
She also created and directs FASE Art and Technology.
Pelusa is College professor for degrees and post degrees at the UNA, National University of Art since 2003 and the creator and curator of CALA – Centro Argentino de Libro de Artista(Artist Book Argentinian Centre) based at the Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez Museum (Santa Fe) since 2013.
Five times awarded by the AACA Argentinian Association of Art Critics, she received the Petorutti Prize to Trajectory in 2004.
She created and was the general director of the Expotrastiendas Fair during 2007, 2008 and 2009.
She acts as a jury. She writes articles about Contemporary Art.

Director of the Sarmiento Historical Museum.

She is Bachelor in Museology, Master in Cultural Management and Politics in the Mercosur, Coordinator of the Program for the Recovery of Monuments and Art Works. She currently serves as the Director of the Sarmiento Historical Museum, which depends of the National Ministry of Culture.