By wellknown international masters 

Fernando Castro (Peru- USA): “Curatorship”,
Saturday August 9th from 10 am to 3 pm

Jan Smith (México): “How to promote your photography in the Art market”,
Sunday August 10th from 11 am to 4 pm

Frank Rodick (Canadá): 
“Strategies for Enhancing Creativity”,
Saturday August 16th from 11 tam to 4 pm

Eduardo Longoni (Argentina): “Photo Essay”,
Sunday August 17th from 11 am to 4 pm

At: Escuela Argentina de Fotografía, Campos Salles 2155, C.A.B.A



By Fernando Castro R. ( Perú- Estados Unidos)

This curatorship workshop is based on specific cases and on the following premises. 
(1)     Exhibitions are publications; i.e., something that is made public. They are not vehicles for a dialogue among theoriticians, but for engaging a public that wishes to cultivate itself and learn from art. 
(2)     The curator has an ethical commitment to show, according to his honest judgment, an artist’s best work.
(3)    In the process setting on stage an exhibition, the curator becomes an expert on those works of an artist in the show; and in the best of cases, in most of his/her oeuvre. 
Fernando Castro will present summaries of different curatorships he has undertaken, and in complicity with the participants, he will draw conclusions about the specific issues each one of them presented. The presenter confesses mistakes he has made to preempt them in future curators. The participants are invited to suggest solutions to the problems that some curatorships have presented or could present.
A.    The Peruvians (1990): the curator as delegate.
B.    The frayed twine of modernity: Peruvian photograpy from the southern Andes 1900-1930 (1992): curating as a historical reflection.
C.    Geraldo de Barros: Traces on the glass (1998, 2003): the curator as an agent for re-evaluation of an artist’s oeuvre.
D.    The art of risk / the risk of art (2000): curating as an artistic endeavor.
E.    The art of war (2006}: curating multi-media.
F.    The States of Pedro Meyer (2007). the curator as a colleague.
G.    With Others’ Eyes (2007): curatorial work as hermeneutics.

H.    Prime Years: a current and upbeat photographic look at aging (2010): curatorship and collaboration.

Saturday August 9th from 10 am to 3 pm
              at Escuela Argentina de Fotografía
Campos Salles 2155 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires


“How to promote your photography in the Art market”

By Jan Smith ( Mexico)

Workshop Objectives:
To provide participants with a framework and methodologies that facilitate exposing photographic work to the art market. Understand the basic premises of handling fine art photography as a business.

Who will benefit from the Workshop:
The workshop is chiefly designed for photographers who want to improve the sale and distribution of work in the art market . The material presented is intended for photographers at the beginning of their artistic career , or those who want to optimize their existing sales.

Although the workshop is not designed for commercial and documentary photographers , the workshop will touch issues relevant this cohort .
Workshop topics:
- Examine the philosophical implications of artistic photography as a business and the evolution of photography as a consumer product in the art world.
- Understand the basics of photography as an art business: Objectives and financial control; Legal obligations and copyrights ; Sales channels ; Media; Means of payment.
- Commonly require elements to publicize work: Editing work, description of the work , curriculum, physical and virtual presence .
- The value and the distraction of social media.
- How to build relevant virtual literature : blogs , electronic journals, on- line competitions .
- How to build relationships with traditional media: newspapers , magazines, television , radio.
- Choosing, negotiating, and the mutual responsibilities of a gallery or representative. Examine business models.
- The role of a curator and critic.
- Identification and preparation for festivals and exhibitions.
- Responsibilities of the artist with the buying public and his gallery or representative.
- Preparing the work as an end product.
-Communication tools and tactics.

Sunday August 10th from 11 am to 5 pm 
At  Escuela Argentina de Fotografía
Campos Salles 2155 – Buenos Aires City- Argentina


“Strategies for Enhancing Creativity”

By Frank Rodick ( Canada)

Goals of workshop:
- To help students acquire a basic understanding of the creative process from a psychological perspective.
- To help students acquire and develop specific habits and strategies that will enhance their personal creative process.
- To help students deal with blocks to the creative process when they arise.
- To help students develop a plan to put their personal strategies  into effect in their photographic practice.

The emphasis will be on developing practical strategies that students can use to enhance their personal practices.

Frank Rodick is an award-winning photo-based artist who has exhibited and published internationally, and who has work in public collections around the world. He is also a trained psychotherapist who practiced for over twenty years, including individual and group work with artists from all media who sought help in improving their artistic practices. For more information on Frank Rodick’s work and career, see and

Saturday August 16th from 11am to 4 pm.
At Escuela Argentina de Fotografía
Campos Salles 2155 – Buenos Aires City


“Photographic Essay Workshop”

Tell a story through images 

By Eduardo Longoni

Express, narrate, move.
How did the masters of photography tell their stories.
How to edit a series of images and convey meaning
How to chose a subject matter
The photographic engineering
The photographer's tools
How to develop a story
Talking and silent images
Photography and literature. The narrative and the poetic essay.

Sunday  August 17th 
From 11am to 4pm
Escuela Argentina de Fotografía
Campos Salles 2155 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires 

 Eduardo Longoni lives and works in Buenos Aires.

Born in 1959, he started his career as a documentary photographer  in 1979 in Noticias Argentinas agency after doing three years of History at University of Buenos Aires. Some time later he created his own agency EDP/PHOTO and since 1990 he has been working as photographer and photo editor of Clarin newspaper.

 In 1981 he was one of the founders of the exhibition “El Periodismo Gráfico Argentino” with the work of the most prestigious Argentinean photojournalists.

Longoni has received many national and international awards such as   the bronze medal in Moscow 1985 Interpress Photo, the second prize in the competition “Concurso Jóvenes Latinoamericanos” organized by the Organization of American States, OAS, in 1987 and the ADEPA prize, organized by the Argentine Newspaper Association, for the best work in photojournalism in 1993, the second prize in 2007 for his coverage of the 25th anniversary of the Malvinas War and the first prize again in 2008 for his work about catholic faith in Argentina. In 2011 he received the Award of Excellence in the National Photography Salon and he was finalist at the Petrobras prize.

 His work has been included in several public and private collections such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, National Library, Rabobank and Mario Benedetti Foundation (Uruguay), Casa de las Américas (Cuba), Ana Gamazo de Abelló(Spain) and Leticia y Stanislas Poniatowski Collection. 

 His photographs have been exhibited in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Egypt, Japan and Russia.