What are the Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz
(Open Encounters-Festival of Light)?

The Encuentros Abiertos-Festival de la Luz (Open Encounters-Festival of Light) are an immense set of activities related to international artistic photography that takes place every two years, between the months of August and September in Argentina.

It’s about the cared presentation of exhibitions of national and foreign photographers at different museums, cultural centres and art spaces all around the country; conferences, workshops and round tables lectures about artistic photography; urban interventions, screenings and actions in public spaces; book presentations, photographic calls and contests; as well as encounters between photographers and curators, specialized critics, collectors, editors, publishers and directors of institutions interested in the photographic image as a means for artistic, cultural and social relevance.

The Festival de la Luz (Festival of Light) has the broadcasting of Argentinian photography to the world as its main goal, as well as the discovery of emerging talents, the ratification of validity of already established artists and the confrontation of the various dominant trends in the field of artistic photography.

Organized by the Luz Austral Foundation, it constitute a legitimizing referent of photography in the region, as well as a point of contact and exchange between Latin American photographers and the main world events related with the photographic discipline.

At the Festival of Light (Festival de la Luz), the participation of renowned international artists opens permanent roads of exchange.

The admission for all lectures and exhibitions is free.

Due to the singularity of its characteristics, the Festival of Light (Festival de la Luz) has become a massive cultural event, with activities simultaneously programmed all across the country, of growing interest for the audiences.


The festival develops different activities:
1. EXHIBITIONS: The festival presents individual and collective photographic pieces from all around the country, organized in two circuits: - Official Exhibitions: a Selection Committee chooses the pieces from
• Open Call: with a year and a half in advance it opens a call through internet, under a given topic.
• Photographers invited by the Festival’s organization.
• Photographers chosen by the invited curators.
• Photographers chosen at various Portfolio Forums.
The exhibitions take place at museums, cultural centres and art spaces all across the country.

2. WEEK OF ENCOUNTERS: conferences and round table lectures that constitute a space of debate and meditation about artistic photography and its current problematics. They are held at the headquarters of the French Alliance, the Recoleta Cultural Centre and the Argentinian School of Photography, in the city of Buenos Aires. There are also being presented a series of lectures in secondary venues in Salta, Neuquén, San Juan and San Luis.

3. PORTFOLIO FORUM: it is a meeting place for photographers and a qualified group of experts that can help in the dissemination of their work: national and international curators, critics, collectors, editors, gallerists, directors of art spaces and festival directors. These specialists will make an assessment about the works they’ll review, and if interested, they will exhibit, publish or purchase the work. It is held at the headquarters of the French Alliance.

4. ACTIONS: calls, contests, video art, book presentations and performances. There are held at various art spaces.

5. WORKSHOPS: intensive workshops in charge of Argentinian and foreign professors. There are held at the EAF – Escuela Argentina de Fotografia (Argentinian School of Photography)

6. PHOTOGRAPHIC SOIRÉES: various screenings of national and international artists.

At the exhibition halls and auditoriums of the main museums, cultural centres and art spaces all across the country, besides urban and public interventions.

August and September 2016 (see calendar).